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Handcrafted by the Coast, whilst dreaming of the Mountains

Handcrafted by the coast

Located in the tropical woodlands of Candepar, Goa, Pumori is handcrafted at the family run Fullarton Distilleries. Envisaged as an elixir- born from a rich heritage of botanicals handpicked from across the Indian subcontinent.

Christened after Mt. Pumori, the “Daughter of the Everest”, this small batch gin earns its character from a bouquet of Himalayan juniper & a carefully selected melange of Indian botanicals.

A gin that lets you experience the tranquility of where it’s birthed.

The Origin Story

Truly Small Batch

Crafted by hand with an incredible eye for detail, each batch of Pumori measures only 200 litres.

Conceived in 2017 & refined over the next 3 years- Pumori was birthed by a brood of 8 rich Indian botanicals, distilled in a 2 litre handloom still built from the ground up by the founder, Aman Thadani.

The original 2 litre still then evolved into a 20 litre handcrafted still. Further refinement, recalibration, and scaling up led to the current 200 litre still that is used to produce the gin today - using 12 handpicked botanicals foraged from the bountiful landscapes of the Indian subcontinent.

Each drop carefully imagined, each botanical purposefully chosen, & each element of the still painstakingly assembled- Pumori is the embodiment of a dream.

Since its launch, Pumori has won a silver at the International Spirits Challenge, London & a gold at the New York International Spirts Competition.

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