“Pumori isn’t just a drink—it is an experience”

“Pumori isn’t just a drink—it is an experience,” says Aman Thadani, master distiller of the new Goa-based craft gin. Produced in a facility of Fullarton Distilleries based in the woodlands of Candepar, Goa, Pumori’s 100 percent home-grown gin features 12 botanicals sourced from the Indian subcontinent.

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“Produced by the makers of Woodburns Whisky, Pumori is named after Mount Pumori, which is located just 8km west of Mount Everest. The New Western-style gin shines with Himalayan juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, cardamom, coriander seeds, liquorice, nutmeg, rosemary, aniseed, cinnamon, almond and vanilla. Read Pumori's feature in Condé Nast's list of '10 Made in India gins that are driving the gin revolution.

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 “The gin highlights the taste of Indian culture through a single liquid”, says Aman Thadani, founder and creator of Pumori. Produced by Fullarton Distilleries, a facility based in the lush green woodlands of Candepar, Goa, the gin is a small batch gin that uses botanicals indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. Read Lonely Planet's piece on unique gins from India.

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The founder had a vision, to use only those ingredients that are indigenous to India and that can truly highlight Indian culture through just a single liquid.A labor of love, built from scratch in Goa, it started off with just a 2-litre still and then, after multiple trials and errors, they finally created a 20-litre batch leading to a 200-litre artisanal still. Read more about Pumori in LBB's feature.

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 Starting as an experiment, he (founder & master distiller Aman Thadani) put together equipment and tried 40-45 botanicals to find a set of 12 that worked harmoniously with a fair amount of spice, nuttiness and vanilla for Pumori. Fullarton won the India Distillery of the Year award for 2020 at the New York International Spirits Competition, which was announced in August. Read Livemint's article on Goa's gin renaissance including a Pumori feature.

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Distilled in Fullarton Distilleries, located in the woodlands of Candepar in Goa, Pumori is a small batch gin made from 12 botanicals sourced from across the country. Read GQ's write-up on must try Indian gins.

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Celebrating the origin of their juniper, Pumori is an ode to Mount Pumori, a mountain close to Mt. Everest in the Himalayan region, also called ‘daughter of the Everest’. “Pumori represents the unyielding quest for a fleeting moment of serenity and perfection…it aims to transcend dimensions, bringing the calm to the actual state of your being,” the makers have said. You can check out Lifestyle Asia's article on the freshest Indian gin brands here.

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Pumori Gin that was hotly-awaited in Mumbai thanks to the wonderful word-of-mouth publicity of Goan tipplers, launched its flagship gin that offers a bouquet of spices to the palate. It is an all-natural gin made using Himalayan juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, cardamom, coriander seeds, liquorice, nutmeg, rosemary, aniseed, cinnamon, almond, and vanilla. Robust and delicate, spicy and cooling, Pumori offers something for every kind of gin drinker. Read Firstpost's indepth guide to understanding homegrown, Indian gins.