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An Homage To Indian Botanicals

Pumori is adventurous, but comforting. Intriguing, yet incredibly familiar. Whilst it may be a foreign invention, there is no spirit more Indian than gin. With a backyard expanding the subcontinent, we needn’t look any further for the botanicals that give Pumori its persona.


Pumori introduces itself with fruity notes & floral undertones, and aromas of citrus & spice. The fresh front paves way for earthy, floral, and herbaceous notes that are rounded off with a long, well balanced finish.

Bottle Inside Graphic_0029_Juniper_edite
Bottle Inside Graphic_0015_Cardamom_edited.png
Bottle Inside Graphic_0015_Cardamom_edit

Himalayan Juniper

The crux of a gin. Sourced from the Himalayan foothills, its coniferous heritage is evident in its notes of pine & resin. Middle notes of lavender retire into a peppery finish.


A fervid spice; when it comes to cardamom, a little goes a long way.  Warm, citrusy, and with a perceived sweetness; it manages to blend in seamlessly with the other botanicals while standing out at the same time.

Bottle Inside Graphic_0028_Orange_edited.png

Lending its sweet, citrusy freshness; the orange peels introduce acidity to the gin & allow all the other botanicals to come together in symphony.

Orange Peel

Bottle Inside Graphic_0002_Almonds_edited.png


Almonds provide Pumori with a complex melange of nutty sweetness & aromatic bitterness. Enriched with natural oils, almonds also bring an additional textural component to liven up the gin.

Lemon Peel

Bottle Inside Graphic_0024_Lemon_edited.png

The famous Indian Gondhoraj Lemon further accentuates the fresh citrus notes that gives Pumori its distinct, complex aroma. 

Bottle Inside Graphic_0025_Vanilla_edited.png


Sweet, rich, creamy; vanilla beans act as a velvet ribbon that ties together all the botanicals into a judicious bouquet. 


Bottle Inside Graphic_0001_Layer 4_edited.png

This dried inner bark and its woody sweetness, sought by Columbus, is another fixture in the flexile “sweet spice” family. It adds simultaneously to the palate and nose of the gin.


Bottle Inside Graphic_0016_Nutmeg_edited.png

The pungent & warm notes of this seed, along with its restrained sweetness have positioned nutmeg as a versatile “sweet spice” that does as well in sweets as it does in savouries.

Coriander Seed

Fruits of the coriander plant, they’re oceans away from the leaves in terms of flavour. Warm, earthy, with sweet-citrus notes; this is an ingredient whose absence is a lot more pronounced than its presence.


Known for its herby freshness and pronounced lemon-pine flavour, rosemary is a powerful botanical when used sparingly. Intrinsically pungent and slightly bitter, it accentuates the freshness of the aroma with fruity and peppery notes, lingering towards citrus at times as well.

Bottle Inside Graphic_0027_Coriander_edited_edited.png
Bottle Inside Graphic_0006_Rosemary_edited.png


Popularly used to flavour a range of sweets & candies, the root of the liquorice plant has an undeniable presence marked by its woody & sweet notes. 


Maybe one of the most complex botanicals in our selection – Aniseed is sweet, spicy and extremely aromatic. It brings in a fresh, herb characteristic that is reminiscent of tarragon and basil, complimenting the citrus and herb elements perfectly.

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